Welcome to PHIL-613: Fall 2017
RAISE: Research Ethics

Mark Greene & Bill Ullman.
Required Reading:
Tue 4 - 6pm. In Gore Hall #320.

The RAISE (Responsibility and Integrity in Science and Engineering) program takes an in depth look at topics in responsible conduct of research (RCR), including fabrication and falsification of data, authorship, plagiarism, conflicts of interest, intellectual property, treatment of experimental subjects, and whistleblowing. On successful completion of the course, RAISE fellows are eligible to submit one or more grant proposals to the UD Center for Science Ethics and Public Policy (SEPP) to fund outreach, teaching, or research activities related to research ethics. Typical activities include leading discussions on a research ethics topic with other students, arranging a speaker or other RCR event, participation in travel or helping lead group discussions at the annual UD Research Office RCR training (in collaboration with RAISE faculty).

NB: Important resources for this class are available to registered students viaCanvas@UD.


Confidentiality and Mandated Reporting

  • As a UD faculty member, I am required to notify the UD Title IX coordinator of any report of behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct under UD policy.
    • This mandate applies to reports that a faculty member becomes aware of in class, in office hours, in advisement meetings, via email or in any other context.
    • This mandate applies regardless of whether the person reported to have experienced prohibited conduct wishes the Title IX coordinator to be notified.
  • More information and resources:
    • For more information on the University of Delaware's Sexual Misconduct Policy, including information on confidential resources, see sites.udel.edu/sexualmisconduct. UD provides 24 hour crisis assistance and victim advocacy and counseling. Contact 302 831-2226, Student Health Services, to get in touch with a sexual offense support advocate.