Welcome to PHIL-241:
Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Mark Greene.
Required Reading:
Course reader available from Lieberman's and from the UD Bookstore.
Tue & Thu, 9:30 - 10:45 am. In Gore 308.

Informed discussion of the ethics of healthcare must acknowledge the constraints of political and economic reality. In this course we will make an interdisciplinary examination of competing considerations of ethics, justice, and practical policy in the provision of healthcare. Among the questions addressed will be: What are the aims of healthcare and how can success be measured? Is there a right to healthcare? Who should pay? How should scarce resources be distributed?

NB: Important resources for this class are available to registered students via Sakai@UD.

In case you wondered, this is what economists do all day.


Confidentiality and Mandated Reporting

  • UD faculty are mandated to report to the UD Title IX coordinator any allegation of behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct under UD policy.
    • This mandate applies to allegations that a faculty member becomes aware of in class, in office hours, in advisement meetings, or in any other context.
    • This mandate applies regardless of whether the person alleged to have experienced prohibited conduct wishes the allegation to be reported.
  • More information and resources:
    • For more information on the University of Delaware's Sexual Misconduct Policy, including information on confidential resources, see sites.udel.edu/sexualmisconduct. UD provides 24 hour crisis assistance and victim advocacy and counseling. Contact 302 831-2226, Student Health Services, to get in touch with a sexual offense support advocate.