Class Policies

Be sure to follow all applicable instructions:

  • Failure to do so will adversely affect your grade.
  • If troubles loom, let me know right away so we can avert them.
  • Ask me right away if you are uncertain of anything.
  • If you have suggestions or requests to change anything - let me know in plenty of time.
  • Your continuing enrolment in this class indicates acceptance of these very strict policies.

Class Attendance

  • Attendance is not required.
  • If you do come to class, it is expected that you be prepared to participate.
    • You will have read and thought about all required readings, and will have questions or comments on them.
    • You will have completed all assignments.
  • If you plan to use class time for texting, sleeping, surfing the web, etc. that is your perogative, but please do it elsewhere. Neither snoring nor staring at your lap while clicking gently count as participation.

Late Submission

  • Late submission and non-submission is a disaster!!!
    • Quizzes
      • Canvas@UD quizzes cannot be submitted after the deadline.
    • Written work (unless otherwise stated in the timetable)
      • Late written work will be accepted, on Canvas@UD, up to 72 hours after the deadline. The late submission penalties are one full grade for work up to 24h late, two full grades from 24-48h late, and three full grades from 48-72h late.
      • Work more than 72h late will not be accepted - it counts as non-submission. That's much worse than an F - a good-faith F gets you about 50% of the available credit, non-submission gets you zero.
    • Exceptions
      • If trouble looms, let me know ahead of time so that we can work something out.
      • My rate of approving exceptions after a deadline currently averages about twice a decade.
  • How to avoid disaster
    • Quizzes
      • Be sure to have a first go at all quizzes as soon as they are available
      • You can continue to refine your answers, saving your work as you go along, until you submit the quiz for grading or the deadline - whichever is sooner.
    • Written work
      • Save some kind of draft version - however sketchy, however incomplete - as soon as you can on Canvas@UD.
      • Save updated versions as you have them.
      • If you feel you must do more work after the deadline - email me to let me know that you intend to submit an improved version (by email). I may then (no guarantees) grade the improved version if it gets to me before I get to your original submission.
      • If you have trouble submitting via Canvas@UD for any reason, or are unsure that it worked, send your file by email BEFORE THE DEADLINE.
    • General
      • Keep Backups!
        • However you submit your work, you must keep backups and be prepared to resubmit if needed. Even if it was my fault that your work got lost, it will become your fault if you cannot supply another copy in a timely fashion.
  • Excuses
    • "Canvas@UD ate my homework"
      • Canvas@UD is the new dog. Like the old dog, it is accused of eating homework far more often than it actually does eat homework.
        Almost all problems are a result of rushing to submit near the deadline and missing a crucial step. So...
        • Be sure you have read and understood the Canvas@UD assignment / quiz submission instructions and that you know what a successfully confirmed submission looks like.
        • Allow plenty of time to to deal with any snags and for Canvas@UD to be slow.
        • Double check that you have completed every step of the submission process and that your completed submission is showing up in Canvas@UD.
    • Failure of your computer or internet connection is not an excuse
      • Leave time to get to a library / other computer if yours fails.
      • If you must travel at the time of a deadline it is your responsibility to ensure that you either submit before you travel or that you will have reliable, fast internet access while you are away (i.e. don't rely on your grandparents' damp string connection to the local telegraph office).
    • Even your own death on the day of the deadline is not a reliable excuse.
      • All assignments have ample availability and you should have something in at least two days ahead of time.


  • All work submitted may be used as an example to help in current or future instruction, or for the purposes of instructor/program review. Work used in this way will be used anonymously.