Support Resources

Because not all learning skills can be developed in one class, because many students have specific needs, and because stuff happens, there are a number of sources of help and support available to you. This page contains links to information about some of those resources.

You are, of course, very welcome to talk to me about anything that concerns you during this course - whether it is directly related to this course or not. But you should also know that you are absolutely not required to tell me anything unless it would be helpful to you. If anything arises that might affect your progress in this course, please let me know that there is an issue (no need to tell me what it is unless you want to) so that we can prevent problems.There are many excellent student resources at the University of Delaware. A list of resources, including advisement and support centers, can be found at...

Five core services are listed below.

Academic support at U Del

Office of Academic Enrichment
A great first stop for a range of academic and personal support. If you aren't sure where to turn, try here first. "The Academic Services Center offers activities that provide undergraduate students with extensive academic assistance through individual and group tutoring, group study sessions, consultations, mentoring, academic success and study skills workshops, testing accommodations for students with learning disabilities and ADHD, and personal and social advising and referral assistance throughout the year. These programs and activities are designed to help students enhance their academic performance while pursuing their degree programs."
Student Support Services
Academic assistance, personal support, and cultural enrichment for UD students.
Writing Center
Free assistance with all aspects of writing. Their web site has guides and other resources to help your writing. You may also work with an experience writing instructor to develop good writing skills.
Oral Communication Fellows
Peer support to help you develop your oral communication and presentation skills.
IT resources
What you need to know about computers, the U Del network, and other information technology resources.
The Library
You know what this is. Right?

Personal support at U Del

Center for Counseling and Student Development
Offering counseling and personal development services to individuals and groups.
UD's student wellness program. (Is 'wellness' even a word?)