Welcome to PHIL-202: Fall 2017
Contemporary Moral Problems

Mark Greene
Required Text
Lewis Vaughn (2015). Doing Ethics: Moral Reasoning & Contemporary Issues, 4th ed.
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Tue & Thu, 12:30 - 1:45 pm. In Willard #006.

"While my own opinions as to ethics do not satisfy me, other people's satisfy me still less," observed Bertrand Russell. Although ethical questions are of the first importance both in our personal lives and in public policy - often literally matters of life and death - they are often among the most confounding and divisive issues that we face. We will consider differing views on such topics as abortion, terrorism, sex and drugs (but not rock and roll). We will find that a distinctively philosophical approach to ethical challenges can promote productive discussion of controversial issues and can deepen our understanding of ethical views - our own and other people's.

Confidentiality and Mandated Reporting

  • UD faculty are mandated to report to the UD Title IX coordinator any allegation of behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct under UD policy.
    • This mandate applies to allegations that a faculty member becomes aware of in class, in office hours, in advisement meetings, or in any other context.
    • This mandate applies regardless of whether the person alleged to have experienced prohibited conduct wishes the allegation to be reported.
  • More information and resources:
    • For more information on the University of Delaware's Sexual Misconduct Policy, including information on confidential resources, see sites.udel.edu/sexualmisconduct. UD provides 24 hour crisis assistance and victim advocacy and counseling. Contact 302 831-2226, Student Health Services, to get in touch with a sexual offense support advocate.